Jump Started Health Care Organization after two Breaches in two years



Business Challenges

  • State and Federal Reporting Requirements – AWS provides the security of the cloud and the customer/user are responsible for security in the cloud
  • Complex and Disparate Systems – Systems could not sustain alignment to new business processes and innovation
  • Limited Leadership Expertise – Limited understanding of the risks associated with their current security maturity and the tasks needed to attain their desired level of security


  • Education – Bringing Security to the top of mind for every employee “Security is everyone’s responsibility"
  • Asset Management and Consolidation – Provided validations, traceability, and increased visibility into asset inventory and management
  • Facilitated Change – Planned, and implemented a 3-year roadmap mitigating decades of neglect and misunderstanding on time and under budget


  • Reduced fines – By jump starting the organization’s security program and providing all necessary documentation Federal and State fines were reduced by millions
  • Improved Management of Operational Data – Complex, disparate systems were sunset to develop an enterprise-wide approach to manage operational data in alignment with business strategy and desired outcome
  • Business Process Improvement – Significant business process redefinition for each division offered improved efficiencies and created a cohesive process across functions