Video Streaming Platform Software Provider Modernizes Cloud SaaS Application with AWS Cognito



Business Challenges

  • Monolithic Legacy Cloud Architecture – Born in the cloud, cloud native, video streaming SaaS platform was hard to maintain, was not cost effective, and had large amounts of code that could be replaced with fully managed services
  • Extreme Adoption from Global Pandemic – Global pandemic had accelerated business model changes resulting in 10 years of innovation in 12 months. Travel restrictions were forcing rapid adoption of video streaming and virtual communication platforms
  • Reduce Security Attack Surface – Increasing pressures on the CFO and COO to achieve SOC2 certification resulting in the need to implement companywide security policies and procedures with Application Security (AppSec) as a major focus


  • Application modernization roadmap was developed in conjunction with Product Management that would result in the video streaming platform being refactored over time into a serverless architecture
  • Amazon Cognito –Amazon Cognito was chosen as the serverless User Authentication service to handle User Identify and Access Management for the application:
    • Amazon Cognito User Pools provided a more secure user directory as a fully managed AWS service that could easily support the 50,000 active and growing list of application users
    • Amazon Cognito provides multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and standards-based identity and access management such as Oauth, SAML, and OpenID
    • Amazon Cognito provides increased security is certified to be compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC, ISO/IED 27001, ISO/IED 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, and ISO 9001


  • Reduction of Custom Code – eliminated complete modules of custom code, get the value of ever-increasing functionality with the fully managed Amazon Cognito service
  • Increased Application Security – time saved, process streamlined for customer security audits and questionnaires. Most customer were relieved to see the use of services like Cognito over homegrown IAM
  • Scalability and Ease of Management – Engineers focused on higher value functionality, AWS completely responsible for Cognito service availability, 99.999% uptime to date for AWS Cognito