Continuous Security monitoring becomes affordable for a growing Virtual Meeting services company



Business Challenges

  • Lack of Qualified Resources – According to the 2019 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the global cybersecurity workforce needs to grow by 145 % to meet the demand for skilled cybersecurity talent. In the United States, it needs to grow by 62 %.
  • Third Party Security Questionnaires  – Third Party Security Questionnaires are increasing in detail and complexity causing delays in the procurement and/or contract workflows.
  • Limited View of Security Maturity – Limited understanding of the risks associated with their current security maturity and the tasks needed to attain their desired level of security.


  • Aligned the Key Stakeholders – Baseline security education so that we are all speaking the same language with an overview of the cloud computing shared security model.
  • Facilitated Change – By leveraging the new visibility we had gleaned from implementing the Jump Start initiatives further configuration and legacy clean-up tasks were identified and mitigated.
  • Continuous Monitoring – Our team of dedicated security specialists monitoring your company’s AWS environment.


  • Improved Management of Operational Data – Clear visibility over their AWS environment gave them the peace of mind that their data and their customers data was now being continuously monitored.
  • Business Process Improvement – Significant business process redefinition for each division offered improved efficiencies and created a cohesive process across functions.
  • More Analysis with Less Effort – Reduced the number of hours spent answering security questionnaires and contracts related to data protection, monitoring and Incident Response (IR).