Intent Solutions Group is focused on providing the product operations, design, development, testing, and continuous delivery services needed within a technology focused organization in support of rapid innovation and the creation of advanced software products.

What we do

Intent Solutions Group is a software development agency focused on building industry leading applications and growing long-term relationships.

Improve Time to Market

The right mix of proven processes, knowledge, metrics, and language are essential for rapid innovation and bringing high-quality products to market quickly and consistently. Whether it is an initial MVP or continuous integration and deployment of product updates, we are always working with our clients to improve time to market.

Build trusted relationships

Our clients are always looking for a partner who provides for a transparent long-term trust based partnership. We are consistently told that this is one of our greatest assets and that the level of passion and transparency that we bring to our work is unprecedented and unique.

We plan on a long-term trust based relationship from the very beginning that drives us to make decisions as though our client's product was our own, this is very different than thinking about our client work as just another project. We are happy to maintain and evolve products over years, and feel this level of commitment makes us great engineers.

Transform ideas into products

Organizations of all sizes need varying degrees of assistance with turning their visions into an operational software product. Technical expertise is not enough. Organizations seek a partner who will treat their product vision as their own and who, in many cases, will care more about the product success than they do.

We bring our purpose, process, partnership, and predictability to the software development process and do everything that we can do to help our clients rapidly create an MVP release and then quickly transition into a regular rhythm of rapid software releases.


Track Record