We blend international standards and cultural components to create a better workplace

As a US-based organization with global development centers we do our very best to blend different cultures to create a productive and healthy work environment. We leverage a tried-and-true agile delivery model that helps us avoid the surprises that plague many organizations and result in team member burnout. We typically work hand-in-hand directly with our clients to ensure that they have full visibility into our work activities and to ensure that they develop a deep understanding of agile methods. Unlike many who say they do agile, we really do believe in the core values of agile development and are passionate about the positive difference a well-defined agile process can make for both our clients and team members.

Distinct and Vital Working Culture

We are making a difference in people's lives through technology innovations. That’s what motivates us. We invest significantly in our team members and take pride in seeing them grow not just on a particular project but over a long period of time across different product teams. Our path to success is strongly based on our outstanding team members, a continuous learning environment, and a passion for working with industry-leading technologies. Our philosophy fosters professional and personal engagement between our team members and our clients. We are absolutely committed to client success and long-term relationships and it is our team members that foster and enable this.

We Foster

  • Continuous innovation

  • Championing ideas

  • Diversity

  • Free thinking, free discussion, and collaboration

  • Creativity and professional growth

  • Open concept office and cross team collaboration

  • Low management hierarchy - all team members have a voice and are encouraged to have a point-of-view

  • Direct communication with clients

  • Continuous improvement

  • Strong climate for learning

  • A healthy work-life balance

  • Technical and soft skills development

Professional Development Opportunities

The software industry is being transformed by technologies. Public cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science, containers and Kubernetes, Serverless (Lambda), and DevOps are all changing the way that innovation is created, bringing new disruptive opportunities to global competitive environments.

We offer our team members deep technical engagement through specialized zones, while your knowledge stays relevant and up to date through advanced hands-on experience. We believe that the professional development, technical knowledge, and specialized skills of our Team Members increase our market opportunity as an organization. We create a working environment, where our team members tap into expertise from across the organization to help improve their career development. We actively look for cross-training opportunities that allow our team members to develop deep primary technical or business skills and one or more secondary skills. We find that this is very important for the world-class team members that we want to work with.

Mindset and Approach Matter

We value a positive can-do attitude and an aptitude for learning over the technical capabilities of our team members. We like to say, “we can teach a team member a new technology, we can’t teach a team member how to have a great attitude or be a continuous learner.” This is not to say that technology or business expertise is not important.

We just believe, and our clients confirm, that business and technology expertise is not enough in today’s competitive environment. We want to work with people who strive to be the best in the world at what they do. Even though they may never achieve this it is really the attitude and aptitude that makes the difference.

Empower Individuals to Speed Up Innovation

Innovation is a company-wide endeavor and takes a commitment from every team member to achieve. We foster leadership and create a professionally welcoming and flexible atmosphere where every team member has a voice. This is exemplified in something we call the Spark Team. The Spark Team is made up of a group of cross functional team members with various levels of experience that is provided with a specified financial budget to direct towards items that are deemed to be important by the team. The Spark Team brings game-changing creativity, transparency and actionable insights to support a culture of partnership and high performance within the organization. Whether it’s buying a new gaming console or ping-pong table, or deciding how to accelerate a certification process or sponsoring in office technology events and meetups, the Spark Team has the freedom to craft practical out-of-the-box solutions that support the overall health and happiness of the team. We believe this is unique to ISG and find our team members really appreciate the investment in their happiness.

Philanthropy Engaging the Next Generation

At Intent Solutions Group we encourage effective giving and encourage our team members to take time away from the office periodically to give back to the local community. We are passionate about directing our philanthropic efforts towards children and education and we want to help children become the people they want to be and ultimately change the world.