We focus on providing product operations, design, development, testing, and continuous delivery services within a technology focused organization.


Over fifteen years, a close group of technologists and executives successfully developed dozens of software products for their clients. Clients ranged from some of the largest independent software vendors to the smallest technology startups.

Technological patterns of success emerged and we developed our own language and process to accompany our expertise. We leveraged metrics and past performances to improve our future performance estimates by 25%.

Our feedback from clients told us that it was not only our technology expertise, but our process, passion, predictability and ability to form deep partnerships that set us apart.


Our intentions count for everything
Hence the name Intent Solutions Group. Always putting the client and their goals first has resulted in very successful long-term trust based relationships.
Technology excellence isn't enough
Our small agile teams of world class technologists have a shared curiosity for our clients products and business. We are measured by consistent delivery time after time with ever increasing accuracy and quality.
A partnership is needed for success; Outsourcing doesn't work.
Years ago we started treating "outsourcing" like a four letter word as it immediately comes with negative connotations. Instead, we demand heavy involvement from clients around Product Management and in fact, this is non-negotiable for us. Being mindful of our partnership allows us to make better decisions and build better software.
Product work is very different than project work
For us, a Project has a start and an end date. However if you think about it, a successful software company should constantly have demands for more and more advanced features, and better and better user experiences. Therefore we think about the long-term health of the product and as long as our clients are successful, the product will continue to evolve.


We continue to develop the "Intent Way" to improve not only our technical expertise but our language, processes, tools, and metrics in the spirit of reducing risk and improving time to market for our clients.

Evolving core partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will be a key focus for us going forward.

Evolving core solution capabilities around digital media services, robotics, AI, natural language processing, and analytics will allow us to expand our client base and ultimately allow us to focus on solving some of the most complex computing problems in the world.

We are only as good as our team members and will continue target the brightest talent to meet the constant changing needs of our clients.

The Purpose, Process, Partnership, and Predictability that we bring to our client products set us apart and allows our clients to bring quality products to market with reduced risk and improved time to market.

Our History

Founders spend years in key leadership positions with Microsoft, John Hancock, Wynn Resorts, Trillium Software as ArrAy Software Systems and Application Programming Solutions

Via multiple acquisitions founders are responsible for Hitachi Consulting's Product Development business division

Intent Solutions Group is formed and anchored by experienced software technologists and executives

Lviv Development Center is opened in Ukraine