Intent Solutions Group is focused on providing the product operations, design, development, testing, and continuous delivery services needed within a technology focused organization in support of rapid innovation and the creation of advanced software products

Core team

Steve Sharpless

Vice President of Innovation and Strategy


Robert Rae

Founder & CEO


Ievgen Kuzminov

Director of Human Resources

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Joe McPherson

Global Director of Technology


Intent Solutions Group helps ISVs address challenges of transitioning to cloud platforms, through R&D Consulting services, creating new products, re-architecting old software products, cloud migration, and many more. Over a fifteen year period a close group of technologists and executives successfully developed dozens of software products for their clients. Clients ranged from some of the largest independent software vendors to the smallest technology startups.

During this time a number of patterns emerged and it become clear what it took to be successful with technology initiatives. As a result we developed our own language and processes to accompany our technology expertise. We became very focused on leveraging metrics and past performance as a way to better predict future performance. We found that we were about 25% more accurate at estimating when we based future estimates on past performance. Our engineers also appreciated this as they were out of the business of specifying hours and dates.

As agile methods grew in popularity we realized that many of our processes mapped well to Scrum and Kanban. Increasingly our clients were telling us that world class technology expertise was not enough and that it was the processes, passion, predictability, and our ability to form deep partnerships that set us apart.

The following are learnings that we live by:

Our intentions count for everything
This was so evident that we named the company Intent Solutions Group. When we studied successful teams it became immediately clear that there was a level of transparency and open communication at all times with no hidden agendas. Always putting the client and their goals first resulted in very successful long-term trust based relationships.
Technology excellence isn't enough

This has been confirmed time and time again over the years. Anyone can organize a team, start development of a product, and work through sprint after sprint towards an MVP, however very few groups can deliver consistently time after time after time with ever increasing accuracy and quality.

We are measured by our delivery and not by how good we are at talking about how good we are or how quickly we can build a 60 person team that gets absolutely nothing accomplished. We build small agile teams of world class technologists that have a shared curiosity for our clients products and business.

A partnership is needed for success; Outsourcing doesn't work.

Let us explain... Years ago we started treating "outsourcing" like a four letter word as it immediately comes with negative connotations. The story of the wooden frying pan comes to mind.

We looked at what we were doing differently. We demand heavy involvement from clients around Product Management, in fact it is a non-negotiable for us. If our clients are not able to specify the requirements for their application how can we hope to be successful doing this? If our client cannot prioritize features into a product backlog how can we hope to be successful at doing that?

Our team are most successful when there is a true partnership with our clients. By always thinking about the partnership it causes us to make better decisions.

Product work is very different than project work

This is typically a key mindset change for each of our team members. For us a Project has a start and an end date. If our clients are successful then the development of their software product will, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, never end.

If you think about it, a successful software company should constantly have demands for more and more advanced features, and better and better user experiences. Therefore, we cannot think of our work as being project based, instead we must think about the long-term health of the product and as long as our clients are successful the product will continue to evolve.

This thinking ensures that team members take ownership and make good sound technical decisions that are in the best interest of our clients.


We will continue to developed the "Intent Way" as a way to improve not only our technical expertise but our language, processes, tools, and metrics in the spirit of reducing risk and improving time to market for our clients.

Evolving our core partnerships with Amazon, Microsoft, and Google will be a key focus for us going forward

Evolving our core solution capabilities around digital media services, robotics, AI, natural language processing, and analytics will allow us to expand our client base in these areas ultimately allowing us to focus on solving some of the most complex computing problems in the world.

Finally, we are sensitive to the fact that we are only as good as our team members. Therefore we will continue target the brightest talent and add them to dedicated teams where we will balance process and flexibility to meet the constant changing needs of our clients.

The Purpose, Process, Partnership, and Predictability that we bring to our client products will set us apart and will allow our clients to bring quality products to market with reduced risk and improved time to market.

Our History

Founders spend years in key leadership positions with Microsoft, John Hancock, Wynn Resorts, Trillium Software as ArrAy Software Systems and Application Programming Solutions

Via multiple acquisitions founders are responsible for Hitachi Consulting's Product Development business division

Intent Solutions Group is formed and anchored by experienced software technologists and executives

Lviv Development Center is opened in Ukraine