eCommerce payment solutions leader modernizes by implementing Netsuite® Oneworld SaaS ERP platform with Intent Solutions Group

As a result of world class service, simple pricing models, and innovative products Cayan (formerly MerchantWarehouse) has achieved rapid growth in a remarkably short period of time. In order to support this and future growth, it became clear to the executive leadership team that internal systems needed to be modernized and better integrated and that a Digital Transformation was required.


The Challenge

This organization services over 100,000 merchants and provides technology that processes billions of payment transactions per year. As a revolutionary leader, one of the largest ISOs in the payments solution industry, and after achieving rapid growth over the last 4 years, it was clear that the internal systems needed to be modernized and better integrated in order to support this type of growth.

The company chose the NetSuite® OneWorld SaaS Cloud ERP platform as its enterprise resource solution. The challenge was then to define and develop new processes to maximize both the investment and usage of the new technology. That is where they chose the team at Intent Solutions Group to give them the added leverage in order to succeed.


The Solution

Our people defined and built the team organizational structure required for success. We integrated resources from the internal organization and from numerous external service providers into one unified delivery unit. We also took responsibility for the day-to-day task dispatching, stand-up meetings, status reporting, and estimation to the firm’s executive team.

The Intent Team designed and developed a number of processes including:

1. Developed an automated paperless NetSuite® order-to-cash workflow which resulted in reduced new business processing time and complexity.

2. Implemented the NetSuite® Customer Service module including advanced routing and escalation rules for cases. This resulted in improved customer service.

3. Provided program and project management services for a globally distributed team of analysts and technologists maximizing the available investment and providing real value.

4. Introduced a Kanban based solution development process

5. Defined a reusable integration architecture between Salesforce, Microsoft, and other enterprise solutions to the NetSuite® platform using a cloud based integration layer.

6. Developed configurations, customizations, and integrations required because of the natural complexity of the order process and the number of 3rd party services needed to support the day-to-day business.

7. Ultimately deployed NetSuite® for Customer Service, CRM, ERP, and Financials.



This project has delivered results in a number of operational areas that were quite remarkable.



The order-to-cash processing times have been reduced by 30%; resulting in merchants processing payments 1-2 days sooner than the previous process. There was a 15% reduction in operating costs related to setting up new merchant accounts and a 75% reduction in internal technical support costs compared to the previous systems. Less tangible, but equally important, there was a noticeable increase in the confidence level from key partners who recognized that this organization’s operational systems were built on a solid foundation.

The second phase of the deployment involved the implantation of sales force automation using and the conversion of various home grown custom developed internal sales tracking and reporting systems in NetSuite®. This resulted in an environment where Financial, ERP, CRM, Sales, and Customer Service were all integrated into a single unified enterprise platform.