FinTech SaaS Provider Supports Real-time Updates with AWS AppSync



Business Challenges

  • Virtual Events Scheduling – Growing shift away from in-person financial services events such as analyst days to virtual events required the support for complex scheduling scenarios of multi-day events consisting of 1000s of virtual meetings
  • Complex Processes – Manual processes leveraging a growing set of spreadsheets, long email threads between multiple parties, and the need to register, track, and report all attendees had become too complex to manage or scale
  • Last Minute Changes – Normal last minute scheduling changes would initiate a set of manual human based emergency procedures that added to the stress of live events for all stakeholders


  • The FinTech SaaS provider determined it was necessary to build an advanced serverless scheduling and communication system to automate manual procedures and support real-time communication between all stakeholders in a secure scalable way
  • AWS AppSync – AWS AppSync was chosen to support a real-time scheduler that would ensure a great end-user experience when working with complex schedules supporting 1000s of simultaneous events.
  • Real-time Data Access and Updates – AppSync GraphQL based APIs were critical for pushing schedule/calendar updates to dozens of users in real-time globally


  • Simplified Processes – different systems consolidated, streamlined real-time communication between all stakeholders; elimination of email and spreadsheets
  • Scalability – scheduling platform efficiencies allowed the FinTech Saas provider to scale their business 3x without increasing headcount
  • Support Last Minute Changes – with support for real-time updates across the platform last minute changes were more easily supported and communicated increasing customer satisfaction and profitability