Disruptive cloud based Business Intelligence start-up partners with Intent to drive innovative rapid results

When you have a great idea, investor support, and quickly require a substantial amount of high quality software development that delivers on stakeholder expectations, it is clear that leveraging a global development team using proven agile methods is a winning and logical approach.


The Challenge

Empowered with knowledge of how traditional BI is performed today and the ability to envision possibilities when taking a different point of view, this new start-up’s mission was to change the way business intelligence gets implemented to be more impactful to customers with a significantly lower total cost of ownership– a real market disruptor.

The vision was to build out an analytical engine as a cloud based and easy to implement solution. The organization needed the ability to apply a library of organized industry metrics and models to client data and allow for knowledge workers to easily customize solutions if required.

Challenges with startups are numerous and certainly include market timing, resource acquisition, best practice adoption, optimization, and ultimately the ability to instill confidence in the vision and deliver on that vision as promised. The company wanted to work with a trusted partner that had a commitment level for success equally to its own.That is why this client chose the team at Intent Solutions Group; to deliver the recipe for success for a complex software development initiative using the most modern cloud based big data and analytics platforms available as a way to deliver a new approach to the market.


The Solution

The Intent leadership team assembled a new development team and defined a solution development process and tools within days of being chosen.

As part of the Intent approach to startups, we introduced software development collaboration technology and a process that maximized communication and understanding. Our Intent resources took the project leadership role and defined the best approach for a successful collaborative process; breaking down the entrepreneurial ideas into epics, stories and sub-tasks.

The global development team, which was made up from both Intent resources and resources from the internal organization, worked together daily as a single cohesive unit defining, developing, and testing product sprint deliverables. The Intent team members also took responsibility for the day-to-day task dispatching, stand-up meetings, status reporting, and product planning with the start-up’s executive stakeholders.Under the framework of a newly constructed global blended team, our skilled team members provided project management, design and development, quality assurance, and deployment for this multi-tenant cloud solution. Start-ups have unique challenges that Intent Solutions Group is uniquely qualified to help with.

It was terrific for the team at Intent Solutions Group to be a cornerstone of this company’s plan right from the beginning. Our Intent team was proud to be part of the effort that went from an idea and business plan and accelerated to a significant amount of quality output in the form of a delivered software product in roughly 6 months. As the company transitions from early adopter clients to its full target audience, we are very excited to continue to be part of the business strategy and on-going development for future releases.