Patient data management innovator, NoteSwift, turns to Intent Solutions Group and achieves EHR Certification in record time.

Looking to maximize its adoption rates and meet its stakeholder expectations, this patient data management innovator needed to modernize its core product into a services enabled environment and quickly integrate the solution with multiple industry leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms.


The Challenge

NoteSwift's mission is to maximize the time doctors spend with their patients by reducing the amount of typing and navigating needed to enter patient medical data into EHR platforms.

NoteSwift created Samantha, A Physician's EHR Virtual Assistant, which is an innovative platform that leverages machine learning and natural language processing to automatically turn a spoken medical record into a structured medical note with corresponding ICD-10 coding. Thus saving data entry time by as much as 70%.

In order to accelerate business growth, it was determined that integration of the product into the leading EHRs was required in very short order. It was clear that the current internal team that develops the core product did not have the capacity to take on the added software development workload required as the demand for core Samantha enhancements and features was growing. To integrate this breakthrough technology into multiple leading EHR systems, the company wanted to leverage a global development model so that they could scale in an economical way while maintaining very high quality.



The company chose Intent Solutions Group as a trusted development partner; one that had a track record of successful rapid delivery of software products by leveraging the resources and model of the current team with an extended global team. One that could ramp up quickly and maximize the integration opportunities with the leading EHR solutions that existed.


The Solution

The Intent team quickly added additional global development resources and integrated them into the existing NoteSwift family. The integrated team evaluated the existing development process and technologies and made adjustments to allow for improved understanding and estimation of product deliverables. Our resources worked with the product manager to ensure alignment with deliverable expectations.



The integrated team has achieved some outstanding results in a very short amount of time. The team rapidly delivered a fully integrated connector to Athena Health's cloud based EHR and worked through the entire certification process without issue. This resulted in the NoteSwift Samantha platform being listed on the EHR’s marketplace of certified integrated technologies. The new EHR integrations are driving new business that has not previously been experienced and the list of EHR ISVs looking to integrate Samantha is growing rapidly as well. Additionally, improvements made because of the initial integration project have further optimized this multi-tenant web service as the global team integrates with additional EHR systems and meets stakeholder expectations.